Saturday, January 13, 2007

The HashHouse's buttermilk flapjacks

Two years ago, while in San Diego for a Journalcon, Mo's friend Tim suggested that we have dinner at the Hash House A Go Go, which claims to be Farm Food on Acid. It is to this day one of the truly exceptional meals of my life and I wish I had been feeling better to enjoy it. Mo and I shared a plate of butternut squash risotto, while Tim and Jake each got a plate of sage-fried chicken and waffles with bacon inside of them, topped with fried leeks. Luckily, there was so much food that we were eating off of their plates as well and it was absolutely delicious. Searching for that recipe, I found this one and made it one morning. You'll never look at a box of Aunt Jemima mix again because seriously, this right here is the shit.

4 ¾ cups flour
3 eggs
2 cups buttermilk
2 cups milk
½ cup melted unsalted butter
¼ cup sugar
1 ½ t baking powder
2 t baking soda
2 t salt
2 t vanilla

Separate egg yolks from egg whites, set whites aside and beat yolks, then mix in remaining wet ingredients (except the egg whites). In a separate bowl, blend together dry ingredients. Pour liquidy mix into dry ingredients stirring together until only slightly lumpy. Beat egg whites until soft peak stage, then fold into the batter. Laddle onto hot sizzling griddle, cook for 25 - 40 seconds. When bubbles form on top, give them a flip and finish cooking.

If you put anything but real maple syrup on these, you should be shot.


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