Friday, May 26, 2006

Easy Impressive Tomato Thing

This is the easiest and most beautiful salad combo in the world and when you've got some exquisitely ripe tomatoes or, god help us, heirlooms, it's absofuckinglutely divine. I normally don't make it this early in the year, because I get spoiled during late summer but I found heirlooms in the store and they smelled like summer and therefore, I had to listen to fate and make this for dinner.

2 red tomatoes
2 orange heirloom tomatoes
2 green zebra heirloom tomatoes
Fresh Basil
1 lb fresh buffalo mozzarella
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Freshly ground pepper
Kosher salt

Throw the cheese into the freezer for about five minutes while you slice the tomatoes . Take cheese out of freezer and cut it into slices, mimicking the thickness in which you sliced the tomatoes. Tear basil off stems and rough it up a little in your hands. Layer on a platter: red tomato slice, cheese, basil, green tomato slice, cheese, basil, yellow tomato slice, cheese, basil. Repeat until everything's layered nicely (your inner OCD will be happy) then grind black pepper over it and sprinkle with kosher salt, then drizzle with olive oil. Best served room temperature.


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