Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cherry Un-unPie

2 pastry crusts
1 lb Door County Tart Cherries (pitted and thawed, if they were frozen)
2 c baking superfine sugar (if cherries are unsweetened, but sometimes they already have sugar added to them)
4 T flour or corn starch
1 t almond extract
pinch of kosher salt

Place cherries in a bowl, reserving extra cherry juice in a separate container. Mix flour with the cherry juice there are no lumps, then add salt and almond extract (and sugar if using unsweetened cherries) then fold back into cherries. If you're using fresh, you can just toss the pitted cherries with flour and sugar and it will do its magic in the oven. Pour into unbaked pie shell then cover with second crust, crimp and vent, then cook at 350 until top is brown and filling is bubbly (probably about 45 minutes). Let it cool at least fifteen minutes before chomping into it. I know that it's hard but go read a book or something.


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